The existence of this Islamic Centre is vital to establish a distinguished point for civilised communication in the West which serves the Muslim community in Sheffield and surrounding areas.

The Centre focuses on bringing up young Muslim generations who practice their faith, memorise the Qur’an and be linked with Arabic language and Islamic culture. This is to be achieved through the school which has lessons for Qur’an memorization, Islamic teachings and Arabic language. This school will have qualified teachers and will be prepared to be a model and set an example of a successful school.

The Centre planned to create a unique environment for reverts (new Muslims) through allocating a place within the Centre to understand their needs and provide support. The project also took the responsibility to provide facilities for people with special needs.

The project also focuses on youth as they form 40% of the Muslim population in Sheffield. The aim is to support the youth by developing their skills, developing their physical and creative activities and fulfilling their social and educational needs.


The project aims to:

  • establish a modern Islamic centre.

  • link Muslims to the Centre and is activities.

  • establish a Da’wah centre for Muslims and others.

  • establish a centre for civilised communication.

  • attract and receive new Muslims.

  • provide suitable services for Muslims in Sheffield and surrounding areas.

  • promote and teach Islamic morals and values to new Muslim generations.

  • promote the Islamic culture for who wants to know.

Emaan Trust of Sheffield

The Emaan Trust of Sheffield was Founded in 2004 and was registered as non-profitable company no. 680357, then it was registered in 2009 as a Charity no. 1131861

Target £7,414,000.00

£4,214,000.00 Collected 57%
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